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ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor)

ecoDMS Archive is a modern, cross-platform and revision-compliant client-server system. ecoDMS is used for database-assisted archiving of electronic documents. Paper and digital documents can be scanned, archived, managed and retrieved with ecoDMS using a central document archive. With just a few mouse-clicks, the documents are archived according to auditing standards, automatically full-text-indexed and, if required, also categorised without requiring user interaction. Intelligent document recognition automatically determines document affiliation and stores the files with the matching classification for the specified users. The document archive is easy to access within seconds via desktop client, smart phone, tablet or web interface. State-of-the-art search functions make searching for documents as easy as googling. The software is quick to install and easy to operate. 

All data is securely stored in containers and a database at the customer's premises and not on external unknown servers, at ecoDMS GmbH, or on a file system, where they can easily be manipulated. ecoDMS offers full functionality at a low price. It makes switching from conventional archiving to modern, digital archiving convenient and is reasonably priced.

Short extract from the vast array of possibilities and advantages with ecoDMS:
  • Archiving any document and file types revision-compliant

    • for example, PDF, eMail, Office files, images, music, agreements, invoices, bank statements, delivery notes, and much more.

  • Cross platform client-server system

  • Automatic full-text indexing (OCR Tesseract)

  • Intelligent search functions

    • for example, full-text search, attribute search, filter templates, and much more.

  • Automatic classification and archiving via template designer

  • Digital incoming mail processing (scanning and archiving)

  • Convenient archiving via drag & drop and sidepanel

  • Easy email archiving from Thunderbird & Outlook via mouse click

  • Plugins for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office

  • User and group management incl. LDAP / Active Directory

  • Clipboard for creating customized document portfolios

  • Version management

  • Revision-compliant history

  • Convenient backup & restore functions

  • State-of-the-art container storage system

  • Licence unlimited by time

  • No document limitation

  • Freely scalable and configurable for any number of user groups and sizes

  • Can be used in a network, on a local PC, in the web and on a mobile

  • Software for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, Docker (incl. QNAP & Synology NAS), Android, iOS

  • Software, support and development directly from the manufacturer




The current system requirements and the license model of ecoDMS GmbH apply. The software can be downloaded for free at and tested for a 30-day period. Private users can continue to use the archive for free in the slimmed-down Free4Three version. Customers, who want to use ecoDMS after the demo phase and/or with the full scope of functions, need a licence for the full version. For this and more information, visit

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