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Our Offer

We consult you on software developments on-premise and in the cloud. ABAP-programms as well as technologies such as WebDynpro, Webservices and OData are our strength. 

Reference Project - Financial Planning Tool
financial planning.png

The Financial Planning Tool by conactive uses the SAP Analytics Cloud as Frontend. Actuals are extracted from SAP by API and then visualized. After finishing the planning the newly created plan data is written back to SAP.

Reference Project - Process Optimisation Planning

The copy of plan records within the SAP CO standard is done by cost objects, i.e.

the plan data copy has to be executed separately for cost centers, WBS elements and internal orders. The execution is done for each plan year, locked objects have to be edited individually according to the protocol.

Whereas with the SAP standard, the user has to operate individual transactions. Thanks to our custom code the user possesses a "one-click" solution. Repetitive tasks are automated and advanced checks help to clean up master data. Additionally, the totals for each fiscal year are displayed to check the copied values. As a result, the time for a plan copy is thus reduced from several hours to a few minutes.

Our Software Core Competencies
SAP CONS Map.png
  • ABAP

  • Restful ABAP



  • Python

  • R

  • SQL

  • JS

  • Fiori

  • SAP UI5

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